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I grew up in central Florida, in a town called Lakeland (yes, there are a lot of lakes there). I became fascinated by technology and its potential from a young age, spending a lot of time programming and tinkering as a kid. In high school, I became very interested in politics and government, but it wasn't until college that I began to see opportunities to bridge these two interests.

In undergrad, I studied political science at Harvard and became interested in how technology could be used as a lever for change to improve government. I've taken a few stabs at this problem, first by launching a PAC with a friend and later by embedding myself directly in government with Boston's Digital Team. I went on to serve as a political data scientist and also started a YC startup focused on the renewables industry.

I learned a lot from these experiences, and they culminated in my most ambitious and interesting adventure yet: co-founding a startup that enables local governments to better address climate change. Our thesis is that public servants lack the necessary tools, data, and support to tackle climate, and we're building the digital infrastructure they desperately need.

Beyond my startup, I love to read and write and unsurprisingly consume & create a lot of content similar to my day job. Intellectually, I think there's an immense amount of surface area worth exploring at the intersection of progress, technology, and governance. I especially enjoy electoral politics and public finance, and maybe I'll do something at that intersection some day too. Besides all that, I love to run and cook. 🏃👨‍🍳

If any of this interests you or you'd just like to share your own short bio with me, drop me a note.